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Keynote Speaker (invited):
Bob Bastian - State Representative (Retired) for Bedford and Somerset Counties

Abandoned Mine Reclamation Track

1. Economic Impact of AMD Cleanup in the Greater Johnstown Area
Michael Quinn - Facilitator for the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy

2. Limestone Upflow Pond Optimization
Neil Wolfe – Hedin Environmental (10.9Mb)

3. Technical Assistance Grants (TAG) Panel
Amy Wolfe - Trout Unlimited (1.8Mb) , Eric Robertson - PACD (2.8Mb) and Mark Killar - Western PA Conservancy (1.5Mb)

4. Coal Ash as a Beneficial Use: not all ashes are created equal
Keith Brady, PA DEP Bureau of Resource Management (1.3Mb)

5. The Geothermal Project at Wesley AME Church - Pittsburgh
Darwin Burtner, Rev. Calvin Cash and Holly Cairns (1.6Mb)

6. Water Quality Improvement Easement
Bill Reichert – Schuylkill Headwaters Assoc. (3.4Mb)

7. Funding Sources for Abandoned Mine Reclamation Panel
Bruce Golden - WPCAMR (155Kb), Dave Hamilton – Office of Survace Mining & John Dawes - Foundation for PA Watersheds (4.5Mb)

Coal Mining Heritage and Vendor Track

1. Land & Mapping Services
Jeffrey Gilmore- Land & Mapping Services (19.7Mb)

2. Taylor Colliery Historic Brownfields Redevelopment
Greg Firely - Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. (3.1Mb)

3. The Rossiter Strike Injunction of 1927
Jim Dougherty, PhD - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

4. VISTA Initiative: Anthracite Heritage Alliance Case Study
Dale Freudenberger – Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor Assoc. & AHA VISTAS: Mike Myers, Megan Williams, Chris Bludgus,  Lindsey Ritchey, Kathryn Krulack, Kathryn M. Coulter & Dorian Roffe-Hammond (19.1Mb)

5. VISTA Initiative: Crooked Creek Case Study
Adam Cotchen – OSM VISTA Indiana County

6. Lime Doser Consulting
Donald L. Stamm - Lime Doser Consulting (37.6Mb)


Mine Water Managment and Underground Coal Gassification Potential
Gerard Shaw - Cape Breton Development Corporation (62.5Mb)

Abandoned Mine Reclamation Track

1. Geothermal Energy: using Abandoned Mine Drainage as a Source
Uldis Kaktins – Greater Johnstown Watershed Association (13.5Mb)

2. Datashed
Shawn Busler – Stream Restoration Inc. (52.2Mb)

3. Implementation Guidelines for the AMD Set-aside Program In PA
Eric Cavazza & Pam Milavec – PA DEP Bureau of Abandoned Mine Rec. (6.1Mb)
Implementation Guidelines Document (397Kb)

4. How the Brownfields Program relates to Abandoned Mine Lands
Tracy Vernon – DEP Brownfields (15.0Mb) & Kristine Gaffney  - EPA Brownfields

5. Activated Iron Solids
John Dietz - Iron Oxide Technologies, LLC (6.6Mb)

6. Manganese Oxide Recovery
Cliff Denholm - Stream Restoration, Inc. (43.7Mb)

7. Obstacles to Micro Hydro on Mine Drainage
Drew Banas - Loyalhanna Watershed Association (18.0Mb), Robert Marmo – Marmo and Associates  (10.8Mb) and James Boschma – Boschma Research

Coal Mining Heritage & Vendor Track

1. Revealing Stories along the Susquehanna
Gary Bloss - Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (9.7Mb)

2. Coal, Catholicism and the Ku Klux Klan
Elizabeth Ricketts – Indiana University of Pennsylvania

3. The Contested Terrain of Americanism
Irwin Marcus - Professor Emeritus, Indianna University of Pennsylvaina

4. The History of Paint Creek Watershed
Dr. Mary Lavine – University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (5.5Mb) & Tom Clark - former consultant for the Paint Creek Regional Watershed Association (4.7Mb)

5. Johnstown Area Heritage Association
Shelley Johanson - Johnston Area Heritage Association


Abandoned Mine Reclamation Track

1. Future AMD Restoration Costs & Economic Benefits in the Stonycreek River Watershed
Len Lichvar - Somerset Conservation District (22.8Mb)

2. Manure and Minelands
Dr. Richard Stehouwer - PSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences and Scott Van de Mark – Pennsylvania Environmental Council (10.4Mb)

3. Co-Generation Power Plants
Jeff McNelly – ARIPPA (43.2Mb)

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