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The AMR Conference Committee is providing a limited amount of scholarships this year, but there is a system. Please read carefully...

First, watershed group members, county watershed specialists and DEP employees will automatically receive a "1/2 off" discount on registration (approximately a $40 value).

What do I get with registration?

Next, watershed group members and county watershed specialists who need to stay over night may qualify for the additional scholarship which will cover rooms associated with the conference. Only dorm rooms at the Living/Learning Center on UPJ Campus will be eligible for the scholarship and will be reimbursed upon proof of payment. Hotel rooms are not eligible. Proof of payment may be furnished by the registrant seeking a scholarship in the form of a receipt for a room occupied at the Living / Learning Center during the conference. We will make every effort to get a check to you within a month after the end of the conference (August 16, 2009). We will reimburse scholarship awardees up to 3 nights at the $32 single room, $50 double room per night rates . We encourage double occupancy where possible.

We estimate that 25 individuals will be able to receive the additional scholarship based on funds available this year on a first come first serve basis. The AMR Conference Committee reserves the right to award scholarships based on need and available funding.

There are 13 scholarships left !
(...this number will change to show availability of scholarships)


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